Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Administration and Finance Committee
Addendum Agenda

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Council Chambers/Electronic
150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, Ontario

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Items on the Consent Agenda can be approved in one motion of Committee to save time. Prior to the motion being voted on, any member of Committee may request that one or more of the items be removed from the Consent Agenda and voted on separately.

  • Recommended Motion:

    That the Regional Municipality of Waterloo direct the Regional Clerk to issue public notice of its intention to, on November 8, 2022:

    1. Repeal By-Law Number 00-031, as amended, of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, A By-Law to Govern the Proceedings of the Council and its Committees; and
    2. Approve the proposed Procedural By-law provided in Appendix B of Report PDL-CAS-22-009 dated October 4, 2022, to be effective on November 15, 2022.


  • Recommended Motion:

    That the meeting adjourn at x:xx x.m.