Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Planning and Works Committee

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Regular Session:
150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, Ontario

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  • Recommended Motion:

    That the Regional Municipality of Waterloo take the following actions with respect to the proposed recommended amendment to the Regional Official Plan (ROP) as outlined in Report PDL-CPL-22-24, dated August 11, 2022:

    1. That a Regional Intensification Corridor be included in the proposed ROP amendment along Ottawa Street, as reflected in the schedules and policies of the proposed ROP amendment outlined in Attachment A;
    2. Enact a By-law to repeal Chapters 1 and 2, and Section 3.A of the existing ROP, and adopt the proposed new Chapters 1 and 2, and Section 3.A as set out in the proposed ROP amendment in Attachment A;
    3. Direct staff to issue a Notice of Adoption for the proposed ROP amendment in accordance with the provisions of the Planning Act;
    4. Direct staff to forward the proposed ROP amendment and all required supporting documents to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval, and forward this report to the local area municipalities for information; and
    5. Direct staff to work with the Ministry to approve the proposed ROP amendment, including incorporating any modifications to the amendment deemed necessary by the Ministry, and report back to Council as required.

August 18, 2022: Special Council Meeting